Need Help With Your Healthcare Services?



AMI Healthcare, Inc. is a global service provider of healthcare solutions and services to hospitals, organizations and physician practices. We specialize in the design, build and operations of international hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Our earliest industry roots go back to 1987 when we started out providing consulting and recruitment for healthcare and hospital providers. We gradually expanded our service offerings to help other organizations overcome the challenges of today’s rapid moving healthcare industry.

As such, we continue to evolve as a company by adapting to the needs and demands of the healthcare industry and adopting various standards of international hospital management to become a more efficient and effective modern healthcare solutions and services provider.

We’ve served hospitals and healthcare organizations for over 30 years.



To deliver a “one-stop shop approach” in the areas of healthcare project development, recruitment, and operations management of hospitals and healthcare facilities.


We aspire to be a respected global healthcare services provider committed to providing our clients with the best value-added service in a professional, transparent and timely manner.


We bring together leading industry and subject matter experts that help us develop new hospitals, upgrade existing healthcare facilities, and provide turn-key hospital management internationally.

We Aim To Help Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations Achieve Operational Efficiency.


We take the time to meet with our clients, listen to their ideas, look at their needs and resources while keeping lines of communication and support open throughout this process.

Our approach is analytical and deductive, and consists of learning about our client’s needs and expectations in which we work together with them to identify the solutions that meet their organization’s needs.

We then design a scope and work plan of our engagements that not only meets our client’s unique situation but suits their goals and budget. We then develop pragmatic solutions to fit their organization’s culture and way of doing business.

We then implement the plan with our client and we’ll not only work alongside them to deliver the solutions they have asked for, but we’ll provide tips, resources and coaching so that they can sustain their results long after our engagement has ended.

Lastly, we assess whether we met our client’s needs and helped them achieve their goals. We hold ourselves to high standards of performance and service, and we welcome our client’s feedback about the quality of our work.


Our business partnerships include having worked with various small, medium and large-sized hospitals and healthcare organizations around the globe.